Why the Netherlands

Why The Netherlands

For many years The Netherlands has been the pilot country in facilitating tax driven structures as a result whereof many foreign enterprises and individuals hold their investments abroad through Dutch resident companies.

The Netherlands is often chosen as the best jurisdiction to establish an intermediate holding- financing and/or licensing company due to its large network of tax treaties which in combination with the participation exemption, avoids double taxation. There are various supporting arguments in favor of the beneficial and flexible Dutch tax and legal regime, however one’s choice is often also based on a feeling of trust. The Netherlands with its highly educated workforce, stable economical climate and well developed infrastructure for banks and financial services, transport and communication is reliable and therefore a safe place to do business.

We emphasize that Residence CS does not act as tax advisor and the information provided in this section is of a general nature. For fiscal advice on international tax structuring we can assist you in appointing a tax lawyer.